Being Naive is a Poor Habit


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There’s a misconception that being naive is a trait – something you are just born with. Not so. The fact is, naiveté is a habit. And a very bad one.

According to my research, 27% of self-made millionaires in my study failed at least once. They had to pick themselves up from the financial gutter and start all over again. Some of those 27% fell so low into the financial gutter that they were forced into personal bankruptcy. According to this same research, the root cause of this failure was the Poor Habit of being naive.

In my book, Rich Habits, I refer to this as “ready, fire, aim.”

Those who fail in life in any venture have an inclination to take action before giving the matter their full attention. They fail to seek out the advice of others before jumping in with both feet. Those who are naive do not spend the time investigating or studying their investments. As a result, they become victims of unintended, bad consequences wrought by their lack of diligence in partnering with others or investing their money. They don’t do their homework.

This is school of hard knocks learning and is completely unnecessary. Any investment, any initiative, and every venture you pursue deserves intense, focused study.

Those who eventually succeed, and become self-made millionaires have developed the Rich Habit of seeking feedback from others before they pursue any investment that requires time and money. They study the investment from all sides.

Only after diligent analysis do they take a calculated risk, knowing full well the potential downsides. As a result of their diligent analysis, they prepare themselves for every conceivable outcome, good or bad. When they see their investment going off the rails, they have detailed plans that help them overcome the obstacles and pitfalls that would otherwise undermine their investment.

Don’t be naive. It’s not a trait. It’s a Poor Habit that will always result in loss and failure. Always seek feedback from experts. Seek out advisors and pick their brains before jumping into anything that requires the investment of your time and money. That’s what successful people do.

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