What’s Your Masterstroke?


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What great achievement are you currently working to accomplish?

Everyone should have one thing they are pursuing that, when achieved, helps set them apart from everyone else. It should be something they are doing on the side that is big, challenging, unique and riddled with adversity. This side hustle should be something that forces you to gain knowledge and develop either new skills or improve existing skills.

Only through growth is success possible. Growth, therefore, is a prerequisite for success. So, what are you doing to grow?

Most will not have an answer to these two questions. And most eke out a living, bathed in mediocrity, following the herd of others eking out a living, pursuing mediocrity.

Life becomes worth living when you are pursuing something that separates you from the herd. Find your masterstroke, your side hustle, your life dream, or big goal. Then pursue it. Those who become rich and successful all have something they were pursuing that, when achieved, transformed them into the successful people they needed to become in order for success to visit them.

We are the only species on the planet that dreams and pursues those dreams. Find your masterstroke and devote time every day to it. It won’t be easy but it will light a fire inside you that makes life worth living.

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