A Common Trait Among Toxic Relationships


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It’s hard to weed out 100% of your toxic relationships.

Family members are the most common of the toxic relationships that infect our lives. Childhood friendships are another source of toxic relationships that infect our lives.

One of the Poor Habits prevalent among toxic relationships is financial dependence. Toxic people with this Poor Habit frequently have some financial emergency that they need bail out money for. If you allow them to remain part of your inner circle, these toxic relationships will invariably hit you up for money.

If you’re married, trying to raise a family and working hard to forge a successful life, these financial bail out requests will negatively impact your marriage and your life. And that is one of the fall outs of having toxic relationships – they bring stress to your life, stress to the lives of your immediate family and they take you off your mission – to build a successful life.

As hard as it is to do, you must weed toxic relationships out of your life. If you don’t, they will negatively affect your life, undermine your marriage and drag you and your immediate family down with them.

Much of life is a series of tough choices. Choosing to eliminate toxic relationships from your life is one such choice. It’s not easy weeding out certain relationships, but it is necessary if you want to be the architect of your ideal, perfect life. Toxic relationships will throw a wrench into your plans and set you back financially, unless you make the right, tough choice and remove them from your life.

But don’t fret too much. Toxic relationships will always find someone else to bail them out financially – some other patsy who is not tuned into this financial dependence Poor Habit. Because you’re reading this, you are tuned in. And because you’re tuned in, you will make the right choice – to cut them out of your life.

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