When Drinking Beer is a Rich Habit


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Come on. Did you really think I would have research on why drinking beer is a Rich Habit?

Well, actually I have something to share that you might call a stretch as it relates to beer drinking being a Rich Habit.

Rich Habit #6 – Everything in Moderation

You might find this piece a bit counterintuitive, since I spend so much time expounding on forging good habits and eradicating bad habits. But I’m also a realist and I know none of us are angels. We all do bad things every now and then.

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful, however, is the successful moderate the bad things they do in life. And, sorry to say, beer is one of those bad things. So is wine, hard liquor, smoking pot, Oreos, White Castle hamburgers, etc.

They’re all bad for your health and every time you go overboard consuming these bad things, it’s like opening the door and inviting cancer to walk right through. Why? Because too much of these bad things create free radicals (free roaming electrons inside cells) and too many free roaming electrons do two things:

  1. Bounce off the nucleus inside cells, mutating your DNA, potentially mutating your DNA, causing cancer and
  2. Damage telomers (caps at the end of every chromosome), damaging chromosomes, which can then mutate, causing cancer.

Because I’m here to help, I want you to know that it’s OK to engage in bad things, but only if you follow Rich Habit #6. When you consume beer, wine, hard liquor or smoke pot in moderation, your amazing body has the ability to fix any damage that you do.

But when you violate Rich Habit #6 and do bad things in excess, your body gets overwhelmed and is unable to clean up or repair the damage you do.

So, in order to keep the door closed to cancer, stick to Rich Habit #6. Do what you want to do, just do it in moderation.

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