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The harder I work the more creative I seem to become. The more I write, the more ideas for new articles come bubbling up from my subconscious. It’s not just me, it’s the nature of creativity.

Creative geniuses like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison or Nicola Tesla all had one thing in common – their passion for what they did enabled them to work long hours, day after day, year after year. They were grinding it out every day. Idea after idea, thrown away like yesterday’s trash, until that one big idea, that one magnificent spark of genius, seemed to manifest itself out of thin air, transforming ordinary individuals into iconic geniuses.

That’s the nature of genius. It visits the workhorse, typically when the workhorse momentarily puts down their work tools. Eureka-type ideas burst forth while riding a train (Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity), during a nap (James Watson’s structure of DNA and Dmitry Mendeleyev’s Periodic Table), or while taking a bath (Archimedes).

Genius requires consistent hard work. The harder you work the more creative you become. You must relentlessly practice your craft over and over again. Only then will the spark of genius burst forth.

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