If the Rich Read Every Day Why Aren’t You Reading?


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One of the stats in my Rich Habits research that stopped me in my tracks was this one:

88% of the rich read 30 minutes or more every day for self-education

I was doing a podcast interview yesterday. The host shared a story about a self-made millionaire he had interviewed.  At age 20, long before the millionaire became rich, he had attended a seminar. At the seminar there was a self-help speaker. The speaker told the audience that if you wanted to double your income in one year, start reading for self-improvement every day. So, the very next day, the 20 year old started reading everything he could to help him improve his life. He read self-help books. biographies of successful people and other success-type books. Within one year, the now 21 year old had doubled his income. He continued this Rich Habit for the rest of his life and eventually became a self-made millionaire.

One Rich Habit was all it took.

Reading to learn and to improve will introduce you to new information and new knowledge. It will open your eyes to the opportunities that are all around you. Reading is a common denominator among all successful people.

If rich, successful people read every day for self-improvement, why aren’t you reading?

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  1. So true! Successful people, including CEO’s and otherwise wealthy individuals, read constantly and learning new skills every day. Never understood why reading books and being a “geek” was ever a bad thing…

  2. Aiming Higher says:

    I agree, i get motivated more when i read books about success.

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