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When Og Mandino, author of The Greatest Salesman in the World, was at his lowest, he used what little money he had to purchase a gun so he could end his life. Thankfully, he could not pull the trigger. But, that low point in his life, that disgust at being homeless and having lost his family to alcoholism, forced him to reevaluate and change his life.

Mandino eventually did turn his life around. He took his disgust and used it to transform himself into one of the most successful inspirational self-help authors in the world. His books and his wisdom live on, long after his death.

Most do not have to fall as low as Og Mandino. But many, at some point in their lives, experience disgust at the way their life is going. Some bury their disgust in alcohol, drugs or food.

Others, however, take a different path. They use disgust as a springboard for change.

Disgust is a byproduct of human evolution. Its intended purpose is to agitate us in order to force us to change the way we are doing things. Without disgust, humanity would not have achieved so much.

If you are disgusted with your life, that’s life way of prodding you to change what you are doing. You are in good company if you are disgusted with your life. Many successful people began their march towards success when they became disgusted with their life. Disgust, when used as life intended, is like jet fuel. It can lift you to heights you only dreamed of.

Will you use disgust as a springboard for growth and change?

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