Haste Will Make You Poor


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“But everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty.” Proverbs 21:5

Have you ever been pressured into making a decision?

How did that work out?

Acting in haste is a Poor Habit. It is born out of naiveté, greed, the desire for immediate gratification and laziness. 

Unethical salespeople, con artists and fraudsters are tuned into these human defects and exploit them to their advantage. You need to be aware that there are people out there who butter their bread by finding naive individuals they can exploit for their own benefit.

Haste is a Poor Habit that afflicts the poor. Haste is a byproduct of being naive. Naive people act impulsively. The don’t devote adequate time in evaluating important decisions. They don’t do their homework before making important decisions. Important decisions require effort and diligence. That’s work. It’s hard. It takes time and effort. It requires patience.

Rich, successful people never act in haste. They do their homework. They patiently perform due diligence before any important decision. They seek out experts. They gather feedback from those they trust implicitly. They carefully consider every important decision before they take action.

If you want to become rich and successful, never let anyone push you into making any important decision in haste. There’s no such thing as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Make a habit of seeking out expert opinion before making any important decision. Do our homework. Study every aspect of every important decision. Only after you have gathered all of the information you can gather, should you then act. That’s what rich, successful people do.

Haste is a Poor Habit. Due Diligence is a Rich Habit.

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