The Hardest Part is the Start


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The definition of flow: To move, come, or go continuously in one direction.

We all have dreams and big goals. But few ever pursue their dreams and big goals. The main reasons are fear, doubt and discomfort:

  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of obstacles and mistakes.
  • Fear of losing money.
  • Fear it will disrupt your family life.
  • Doubts of your ability, skill or knowledge.
  • Doubts about achieving the outcome you desire.
  • Survival Doubts: – Will you make enough money to survive financially?
  • New pursuits push you outside your comfort zone.

Self-made millionaires do their diligence in gathering as much information as they can before they make a decision to pursue something they desire. Once they decide to move forward, they take immediate action (see Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire Requires Courage and Faith –

The amazing thing about taking action on your dreams and goals, is that action puts you in a state of flow.

Flow is a mental state in which both your conscious mind (prefrontal cortex) and subconscious mind (limbic system and brain stem) work together is seamless harmony.

When you are in a state of flow, your entire brain is working for you to complete a task. When your entire brain is working for you, when you are in a state of flow, creative solutions erupt from within your brain like a volcano. It’s an amazing, unique ability all humans possess.

Very few, however, ever achieve a state of flow. They are too busy working on someone else’s dreams and goals. Flow is easy to achieve when you are working on your own dreams and goals. But in order to tap into this incredible human capability, you must take action on your dreams and goals. The hardest part is the start.

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  1. Shannon Jones says:

    This is amazingly relevant and relatable information for the average, everyday John. It serves as a wake up “grit call” for me and I appreciate what you offer to the world. ✅

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