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Since most are poor or stuck in the middle-class, clearly the way they are thinking is not working for them. The precursor for success and wealth accumulation, at least according to my Rich Habits research, is forging a Growth Mindset.

A Growth Mindset is a daily habit in which you pursue and acquire knowledge every day.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, it’s not. In fact, for most it’s unattainable. Here’s why.

Forging a Growth Mindset requires the following two things:

#1 Challenging Your Ideologies

Ideologies represent fixed categorical thinking we typically inherit from our parents or from our environment. It is dogma we accept without reflecting upon why we accept it. Ideologies represent foundational thinking that are more like tunnels. These tunnels keep us isolated from understanding or acceptance of other ideologies that might differ from our own. We simply accept our ideologies and dismiss any other ideologies that contradict them. Thus, our ideologies, when unchallenged, stunt our growth.

Some ideologies are religious. Your parents were Catholic, so you are Catholic. Catholics believe they will enter the Kingdom of God. Catholics believe if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ you will not enter the Kingdom of God. I should know, I was raised a Catholic. I was taught our Catholic religion was superior to all other religions. Jewish people disagree. So too do Muslims and Buddhists and many other religions. Who’s right? Your religious ideology says, you’re right.

Some ideologies are political. Your parents were Democrats and, thus, you are a Democrat. Why are you a Democrat? What is it about being a Democrat that makes it right? What is the Democratic agenda or platform? Do you even know? Maybe you’re a Republican. Why?

Some are racial. Many in Germany, during the Nazi era, believed white people, or the arian race, was superior. Then, in the 1936 Olympics, Jesse Owens won four gold medals. Did that change the thinking of millions of Germans? No. Why? Because ideology fixes your thinking. And facts that interfere with ideology, are ignored.

Some are socioeconomic. Until America entered the world’s stage in the late 1700’s, it was a widely held belief that those born into royalty were superior. The royal blood line was fanatically protected. Kings and Queens ruled most of the “modern” world. These royal dictators controlled most of the resources in the kingdom. They created the laws under which millions lived.

Then America, threw a wrench into everything. There was no royalty in America. Capitalism, thrift, hard work and merit dictated who controlled the country’s resources. Soon after, many countries around the world followed suit, embraced capitalism, and eliminated the need for dictatorships.

#2 Challenging Every One of Your Beliefs

Beliefs represent the acceptance of something without any proof. They are inherited unconscious programming. We adopt the beliefs of our parents, family, mentors culture and our environment (neighborhood, town, city, state, country).

Your beliefs cause you to develop habits. Some beliefs hold us back in our adult lives. Most people are not even aware of the negative and limiting beliefs they have. These beliefs prevent us from becoming successful in life and in many cases they act like an anchor dragging us down into failure, poverty and a life of misery.

If you’re struggling in life, your beliefs are likely the culprit. What are your beliefs? Do you even know?

The key to growth is to have an open mind. Those with an open mind challenge their ideologies and beliefs. This fosters growth through learning. You can’t learn and, thus grow, if your mind is closed by your ideology and your beliefs.


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