Ideology is Anti-Growth, Anti-Success and, Thus, Anti-Wealth


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Ideology is group-think. It requires embracing the thinking of others. This herding, provides protection. So, ideology provides protection. It is human nature to seek the safety of herds. 

While herds provide protection, they also act as a stopgap on achievement and success.

Wealth is a byproduct of success. Success is a byproduct of growth. Growth is only possible by embracing new and different ideas, new and different information, new and different practices and new and different opinions. Anything new or different leads to growth. Growth leads to success and success leads to wealth.

Ideological bias is a bane on achievement. It forces you to close your mind to ideas, information, ways of doing things and opinions that conflict with your ideology. When you close your mind, you cease to grow. 

Those who are ideologically biased close their minds to anything which challenges their ideology. Thus, they become stuck in life and do not grow. Any success they do achieve, is therefore, limited.

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