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The only time you are truly growing is when you are uncomfortable.

Discomfort forces growth:

  • Doing something different, forces growth
  • Acquiring new knowledge, forces growth
  • Practicing a new skill, forces growth
  • Developing new relationships, forces growth
  • Abandoning old, toxic relationships, forces growth
  • Forging new, good habits, forces growth
  • Abandoning old, bad habits, forces growth

Why is growth so important?

Becoming rich requires success and the prerequisite for success is ALWAYS growth.

Without growth you stagnate. You become stuck. You know when you’re stuck. You feel it in your bones:

  • Boredom – When you are stuck, you experience boredom.
  • Hopeless – When you are stuck, you experience hopelessness.
  • Discontent – When you are stuck, your life is not in balance. You have a feeling of discontent.
  • Chronic Stress – When you are stuck, you experience long-term stress.
  • Doubt – When you are stuck, you become filled with doubt.
  • Helpless – When you are stuck, you feel helpless.
  • Depression – When you are stuck, you become depressed.
  • Treadmill – When you are stuck, you feel as if you are on a treadmill, getting no where in life.

Growth is the antidote to being stuck.

Growth is, however, uncomfortable. It requires that you step outside your comfort zone. It requires that you challenge your ideology, your thinking, your existing knowledge and your beliefs. It forces you to do things that are different from the way you have been doing them for years.

Only through discomfort is growth possible. If you want to succeed in life you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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  1. Wow. I feel as though this piece was written precisely for me as I have always feared tbe discomfort of stepping outside of my comfort zone. Tbanks for tbe nudge; I truly needed it.

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