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We are all flawed human beings. Many of those flaws are subtle ones. Flaws we don’t even recognize, unless someone close to us is kind enough to point them out.

The problem is, no one likes it when others point out our flaws. Our human instinct is to take offense to constructive criticism or critical feedback we receive from others.

Self-awreness is the remedy. As I mentioned in a Business Insider article titled What Self-Made Millionaires Think About Every Day, one of the daily habits of self-made millionaires is to force self-awareness, in order to grow and improve.

How many people have done something nice for you? How many people have helped you in life? Have you forged the daily Rich Habit of thanking them in some way? This Rich Habit of Acknowledging Kindness helps you forge long-lasting, powerful relationships.

Acknowledging Kindness can be as simple as sending out a thank you card or a simple phone call. It could be, or rather, should be, repaying that kindness in multiples. Here are some things to self-reflect upon:

  • Did anyone do something nice for you recently? Make a list and thank them in some way.
  • Did anyone help you recently? Make a list and thank them in some way.
  • Did anyone ever lend you money? Make a list, pay them back, and thank them.
  • Did anyone lend you a tool, clothing, a car, their house, a book? Make a list and thank them in some way.
  • Did anyone help you in your career? Make a list and thank them in some way.
  • Did anyone offer you advice that was helpful? Make a list and thank them in some way.
  • Did anyone come to your aid? Make a list and thank them in some way.
  • Did anyone go above and beyond in any service they provided to you? Make a list and thank them in some way.
  • Did anyone pick up the cost for dinner, bar drinks, anything? Make a list and thank them in some way.

Relationships are the currency of the wealthy. One of the many ways self-made millionaires forge strong relationships is by acknowledging the kindness of others. Relationships just don’t grow by themselves. They require nurturing, fertilizer, in order to grow. One of the most powerful types of relationship fertilizer is the Rich Habit of acknowledging the kind acts of others.

Let others know that they matter. Let them know that you appreciate their kindness and consideration. Always acknowledge the kindness of others.

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  1. Great minds must think a like. I wrote a similar post about how powerful the two-words “thank you” can be.

    Your article, above mine, makes reference to self-awareness which I believe is a very great point. Being self-aware can be the one factor that helps you move forward with your goals instead of struggling because of X, Y and Z.

    Great post, Tom.

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