Success is a Bet Few Are Willing to Make


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Those who struggle financially in life are focused on today. Their decisions and their choices are focused on improving their immediate circumstances. They are not focused on their long-term future and, thus, are unwilling to make sacrifices today for a brighter future tomorrow.

As I discovered in my five-year Rich Habits Study, those who eventually become self-made millionaires are focused on tomorrow. Their decisions and choices are directed to improve their lives in the distant future. The sacrifices they make in the present, are not easy. Some are even painful:

  • Financial Investment – They invest what available money they have in the pursuit of some dream, purpose or calling. They sacrifice the present enjoyment of that money, betting that their financial investment will pay dividends down the road.
  • Time Investment – They invest what available time they have in the pursuit of some dream, purpose or calling. They sacrifice time with their family and friends, betting their time investment will pay dividends down the road.
  • Financial Risk – They leverage their assets by taking out loans against those assets. They sacrifice the equity they have in their assets, betting that this financial risk will pay dividends down the road.
  • Peace of Mind – Pursuing success takes you completely out of your comfort zone. This discomfort is mentally taxing. There are so many obstacles to overcome. So many mistakes that will be made. So many unexpected consequences that will require quick thinking and quick action. There is the uncertainty that all of the effort will be for naught. Lastly, there is the worry that the venture might fail – that your dream might never become a reality.

How you think today, what you focus on today, affects the future version of you. Are you focused just on getting through today or are you focused on tomorrow and your long-term future?

Those who are focused on tomorrow, are placing a bet on their future success. That wager takes the form of a financial investment, a time investment, financial risk and peace of mind. The reason so few become rich and successful is because so few are willing to place a bet on themselves for their future. That bet might never pay off. There are no guarantees. That’s the risk everyone who pursues a dream takes. But if you don’t place that bet, by at least trying, you will never know what your future holds. And it could very well be an amazing future.

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