Money and Success Are Attracted To Selflessness


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Human beings are self-centered. We’re just hard-wired that way. It actually goes against the human grain, when individuals are selfless. It is such a rare trait that when we see selflessness it stops us in our tracks. We stare in wonder. We admire and treat those who are selfless as heroic. We lavish them with awards. Society even came up with a name to call these selfless outliers – Humanitarians.

Here are some examples of selfless human beings:

  • Mother Teresa – Devoted her life in service for the poor. Through her Missionaries of Charity, which began in India, she created branches in 50 Indian cities and 30 other countries. Her selflessness was so admired that she even received a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Devoted much of his life to freeing, his country, India from British rule. His selflessness was also rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – He devoted the later portion of his life to bringing equal rights to black Americans. Like Mother Teresa and Gandhi, his selflessness was rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize.

Selflessness is a Rich Habit. Those who are selfless are admired by society for this outlier quality. There’s just something special about them. I suppose, they highlight the potential greatness that resides in all humans.

In my Rich habits Study, I saw this trait show up in the habits of the 233 millionaires I studied. Seventy-two percent of those millionaires volunteered their time at community non-profits. They not only contributed their time, they also contributed their wealth to the non-profits they served.

Selflessness, I discovered, was a mindset inherent in the 177 self-made millionaires I studied. They devoted themselves to adding value to the lives of others. In exchange, they were rewarded financially and became wealthy in the process. So, selflessness attracts wealth.

The opposite, selfishness, is a Poor Habit. Those who are selfish, simply blend in with the rest of society. They get lost in the noise, ignored and forgotten. We don’t admire or follow selfish people. There’s nothing special about them.

As I’ve mentioned many times, relationships are the currency of the wealthy. The rich have many powerful relationships – relationships that can open closed doors and move mountains. And because selflessness is a rare trait admired by others, the selfless magnetize others to themselves or their cause. We human beings so admire the rare and noble trait of selflessness that we will follow individuals who possess this trait, like lemmings.

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