Parkinson’s Law


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Definition of Parkinson’s Law: The perceived complexity and time required for a task’s completion will grow, the longer the task is put off.

Everyone procrastinates. Even wealthy people must fight the urge to procrastinate. The longer you put off completing a task, the harder that task seems. Only by taking action, does one realize that the complexity and time required to complete a task is not as great as imagined. 

The most effective remedy for procrastination is really two things:

  1. Setting a deadline.
  2. Communicating that deadline to an Accountability Partner.

Deadlines define when we must complete the task. Accountability Partners hold us to that deadline.

When we commit to completing a task, by a certain date, to someone we respect or admire, it forces us to take action and complete the task by that deadline. This is why, when it comes to defeating procrastination, accountability partners are critical. We don’t wish to disappoint them and this holds our feet to the fire, forcing us to act.

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  1. Such a good point. My husband is my accountability partner and he has to be strong not to allow me any slack. I figure he knows me very well, more so than someone I might admire but who doesn’t know how I can undermine my own need to accomplish something. I need to take it more seriously. Your books are helping me see those areas where I finagled, cheated and have those weaknesses that need turning around.

    • Davene Meehan says:

      Nan, you sound like me. My husband is my greatest asset, a role model of non-procrastination, who keeps me on track.

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