The Relationship See-Saw


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We all have our own unique Relationship See-Saw. On one side are the right people and on the other side are the wrong people.

The right people are the people who you associate with every day who are upbeat, positive, enthusiastic, success-minded and have a solutions mindset – they see solutions to every problem.

The wrong people are the people who you associate with every day who are downbeat, negative, listless, defeatists and who have a problems mindset – they see problems as insurmountable.

We are only as successful as those we associate with on a daily basis. If your Relationship See-Saw is tipping in the right direction, this means you have more of the right people on your see-saw and less of the wrong people. They bring solutions to problems. And they are low maintenance, which translates into less stress in your life. This increases your odds for success. The right people lift you up. They remove obstacles and impediments from your path, allowing you to stay focused and to keep moving forward, which increases your chances for succees.

If you have too many of the wrong people on your see-saw, kick them off. They have baggage, that’s filled with problems. And they are high maintenance, which translates into added stress. The wrong people throw wrenches into your life and those wrenches disrupt your focus and stop you from moving forward, which prevents you from achieving success.

You’ve only got one Relationship See-Saw. Make sure it’s tipping in the right direction.

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