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Geese fly in a “V” Formation. Why?

By flapping their wings in this “V” formation, geese create increased uplift. This joint effort increases their range by 70%, than if they were flying alone.

“One hundred organized men can always defeat one thousand disorganized ones.” Lenin

One of the common attributes of self-made millionaires is their ability to forge strong relationships with other success-minded individuals. Their objective is to surround themselves with individuals who can help them achieve achieve their dreams and realize the goals behind their dreams.

There is nothing that can’t be accomplished when the right people work together in any worthy cause.

The most successful people are the best team-builders.

Find success-minded individuals, then build a relationship with them.

Not sure where to look? Find a local, community-based non-profit that you believe in and join it. The individuals who run the board and the committees are almost always the most successful people in town.

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