Facebook Has Become a Poverty Habit

74% of poor people spend more than an hour each day on the Internet engaged in recreational activities and 95% admitted to using Facebook exclusively for recreational use. When you look at the rich, you get a completely different picture. 63% of the wealthy spend less than an hour a day on the Internet engaged in recreational activities and only 45% use Facebook for recreation purposes.

Our daily habits are the reason why we are rich, poor or middle-class. Most daily habits are ordinary, everyday habits. But some are Keystone Habits. Keystone Habits are unique in that they affect other daily habits. Rich Habits are good Keystone Habits that can eliminate two or more Poverty Habits. This is important because 40% of all of our daily activities are habits. This means that 40% of the time we are all on auto pilot. This is a good thing if most of your habits are Rich Habits but this is a very bad thing if most of your habits are Poverty Habits. For example, adopting the Rich Habit of exercising 30 minutes a day aerobically will eventually cause the elimination of the Poverty Habits of overeating, junk food eating, cigarette smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol and any other Poverty Habit that might be adversely affecting your health.

Recreational Internet use is a Poverty Habit. It’s a time waster. It does not help move you forward. Facebook has taken the nation by storm and most who now spend their time on the Internet are doing it through Facebook. So Facebook has become a Poverty Habit. When you adopt the Rich Habits of reading for self-improvement 30 minutes a day, and exercising aerobically 20-30 minutes a day you eliminate time spent on Poverty Habits like Facebook or watching T.V.  It actually has a multiplier affect because not only are you adopting 2 Rich Habits but you are eliminating numerous Poverty Habits. This is why adopting just one or two Rich Habits can turn your life around and pull you out of the poverty nightmare that has been enveloping your life and negatively affecting those you love the most, your family.

One great thing that I have witnessed from watching those parents who have adopted the Rich Habits is how their kids are positively affected by their parents new habits. Kids are always watching their parents. For most, parents are the only mentors any of us will ever have in life. When kids see their parents living life correctly by following the Rich Habits, they intuitively adopt these same habits. Since most habits stay with us forever, this is a good thing. Adopting the Rich Habits will not only drag you out of poverty, but it will keep your kids out of poverty as well.

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