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Most people have a job. And that job is a means to an end. It provides us with a place to live, food and the ability to pay our bills.

Yet, we yearn for more. That more is a life, not simply of survival, but one worth living.

But how to we create a life worth living?

In order to answer that question, you must ask yourself three questions:

  1. What should I keep doing?
  2. What should I stop doing?
  3. What should I start doing?

Since most need their job, these questions relate to the available time almost everyone has before or after work.

What Should I Keep Doing?

What things do you do with your available time that are helping you to grow and improve? These growth-related activities help move you forward in life. Growth-related activities are any activities that maintain or grow your knowledge, your skills and your non-toxic relationships.

What Should I Stop Doing?

What things do you do with your available time that do not help you grow? These activities are holding you back in life, making you feel like a mouse on a wheel. TV, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos, SnapChat, Instagram, Internet surfing, bar time, gambling, talking on the phone for hours, associating with toxic individuals – all of these things are time wasters. They don’t move you forward. They keep you stuck.

What Should I Start Doing? 

Depending on the study, between 75% – 80% of the wealthy are self-made. Meaning they came from poverty or the middle-class. Like most in poverty or the middle-class, they relied on a job in order to survive. But unlike most, they were able to rise above their circumstances and become wealthy. How?

The answers to this question are what sets self-made millionaires apart from everyone else.

Reading to learn, networking with success-minded people, volunteering, studying to get a degree or some license, building a side business, pursuing lofty goals or some dream, developing valuable skills, writing a book, etc. Engaging in activities which help move you forward in life by expanding your knowledge or perfecting unique skills will eventually pay dividends many years down the road.

As children, we are born and raised into financial circumstances we have no control over. As adults, our financial circumstances are completely within our control. How we spend our free time determines if we will remain stuck in life or create a life worth living.

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