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As a rule, most people do not like asking others for help.

You don’t want to feel like you are burdening someone else or you don’t want to feel obligated to someone else.

But I learned from my Rich Habits research that self-made millionaires get comfortable being uncomfortable with a lot of things. Asking for help, is one of those things they became very comfortable doing.

They learned to get comfortable asking for help in the form of mentorship, professional expertise, tapping the skill set/knowledge of individuals, seeking wisdom and guidance from others, or asking for financial or non-financial assistance.

When I became President of The Ashley Lauren Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps families struggling with pediatric cancer, it became apparent that I was going to have to get comfortable asking people for money.

As an adult, I’ve only ever had to ask banks, venture capitalists or private equity investors for money for the various business ventures I’ve been involved with over the years. That was easy for me to do because they would be getting something of value in return for their money.

But asking ordinary individuals to fork over their hard earned money, knowing they would be getting nothing in return, was something new for me. It took practice, but after seven years in working with the Ashley Lauren Foundation, I’ve gotten pretty good at asking for help.

Interestingly, getting comfortable asking for money has had a positive influence on my other businesses. It helped me to forge the habit of learning to asking for help.

Now, thanks to my non-profit work, I no longer worry about burdening others or feeling obligated when I ask for help. The sting of asking for help goes away the more you ask for help.

What I did find interesting and unexpected is that asking for help from others strengthened my relationship with them. We grew closer. The roots to the relationship tree grew deeper.

Asking for help forges a special kind of bond between two people; a unique bond that essentially says we have each others back.

So, get comfortable asking for help. If you’re uncomfortable with it, like I was, join a non-profit. In time you will get comfortable asking for help, which is a Rich Habit of self-made millionaires. It’s a habit that Helps improve your business, profession or career.

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