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Self-made millionaires are self-motivated.

They create daily routines, or habits, that help them stay positive and motivated. Below are examples of some of the Motivational Habits that self-made millionaires use to stay motivated:

  • Write a script of your ideal, perfect life.
  • Read your ideal, perfect life script.
  • Re-write your ideal, perfect life script.
  • Create a Vison Board of the things that exist in your ideal, future life.
  • Look at your Vision Board and daydream.
  • Express gratitude for three things that happened yesterday. Gratitude gets you in the right farm of mind. It is the gateway to a positive mental outlook.
  • Read something inspirational. This could be a book, blog or article.
  • Surround yourself with upbeat, enthusiastic people. They will keep you infected with an upbeat attitude.
  • Create positive affirmations and review them periodically.
  • Engage in some activity, like exercise, which makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Engage in some fun activity.
  • Create a list of goals you would like to accomplish in life.
  • Review your list of life goals.
  • Create a Victory Log.
  • Review you Victory Log.
  • Listen to uplifting music.
  • Listen to uplifting podcasts.
  • Watch an uplifting TEDx talk.
  • Reward yourself – prior to engaging in a task, specify a post-task reward. This could be a treat, dinner with friends, a beer, etc.
  • Meditate.

Self-made millionaires create motivational routines that help them stay in the right frame of mind so they can engage in activities which help them move forward in life. Motivational Habits are your personal triggers which help keep you motivated.

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