Beware The Experts


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Experts live in a box.

Inside that box, is a playbook.

The playbook contains all of the agreed-upon doctrines, processes, strategies and rules by which the experts rely. Those who deviate, incur the wrath of the experts who seek to dismiss and ridicule the outsiders who do not follow or accept the rules within the playbook.

The problem is that in today’s faced-paced environment, the playbook is constantly being re-written by outsiders who do not know or accept the rules.

Think Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs – all outsiders who did not follow the rules of the playbook. Where would we be without outsiders who challenged the status-quo?

Outsiders bring fresh, new solutions to time-worn problems. Over time, new solutions become accepted doctrine and are entered in the playbook by the experts.

Don’t be brainwashed or dissuaded by the experts. Those who pursue and realize their dreams, are the very individuals who force the experts to re-think their rules.

True dreamers are outsiders who refuse to play by the same rules as everybody else.

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  1. Absolutely 100% true !! Thank you soooooo much for this, and ALL your posts.

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