The Most Important Success Habits


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I am often asked by the media what are the most important Rich Habits. In my opinion, these are the top ones:

#1 Experimentation – Experimenting with diverse activities that can be monetized, until you find one or more activities that reveal an innate talent or which make your heart sing with passion and enthusiasm.

#2 Dream-Setting – Creating a script of your ideal life. This helps you to define your dreams and the goals behind your dreams.

#3 Daily Self-Education – 30 minutes or more a day of reading to learn. You can substitute podcasts, videos or audio books for reading. The key is to summarize what you learn. I use a Fact Binder to capture new knowledge/facts.

#4 Living Below Your Means – Living off of 80% of your net pay and saving the difference.

#5 Daily Aerobic Exercise – 20 minutes or more of cardio, every day.

#6 Healthy Eating – Two out of three meals that do not include carbs or processed food or intermittent fasting with one healthy meal a day.

#7 Automate Savings – Automatically directing 20% or more of your net pay into a savings account.

#8 Prudent Investing – Investing your savings prudently. This requires that you do your homework. By homework I mean studying every potential investment until you feel you are confident you understand it very well. Homework also includes regularly monitoring every investment you do make.

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