All Self-Made Millionaires Share a Common Trait


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In my research of 177 self-made millionaires, I discovered they all shared one common trait – a positive mental outlook. They were all optimistic and enthusiastic about their dreams, their calling or their life purpose.

This positive mental outlook was not an inherent trait – something they were born with.

Rather, it was a trait they developed over time by deciding to pursue something they had an innate talent for or something they were passionate about.

Once they discovered their innate talent or passion, this toggled on certain success traits they previously never knew they possessed:

  • Obsession With Daily Self-Improvement – They became fanatical about growth through learning and deliberate practice. They desired to learn everything about their passion. They desired to practice every day in order to perfect their innate talent or skill.
  • Resilience – It was not the desire for money that made them resilient. Rather, it was the desire to pursue their innate talent or passion that gave them resilience. They were doing what they were good at or what they loved and nothing could stand in their way. Obstacles, pitfalls, mistakes and adversity were all able to be overcome.
  • Persistence –  Nothing would stop them from perfecting their skills or growing in knowledge.
  • Focus – They were able to focus on their innate talent or passion every day, every month , every year and oftentimes for the rest of their lives.
  • Patience – Because they loved what they were doing, they patiently pursued it. They were not chasing money as an end unto itself. They were chasing perfection. Money was just a byproduct.

Find your innate talent or your passion and the success traits that transform ordinary people into extraordinary people will manifest themselves out of thin air.

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