Envy is a Poverty Emotion That Will Make You Poor

From a financial standpoint envy is the worst of all of the negative emotions. When we are envious we send a message, infused with emotion, to our subconscious that we lack. The subconscious picks up only the emotionalized thought of not having something. It interprets this negative emotionalized thought of lacking as a directive. When we allow thoughts of envy to enter our minds we are essentially telling our subconscious to go out and give me more things to be envious of. The law of attraction kicks in and we begin to attract into our lives less income, fewer possessions, more expenses and more debt etc. The subconscious is only doing what it is told.

You need to eliminate thoughts of envy. How? By thinkings about what you are grateful for. You can replace envy with daily thoughts of gratitude. Gratitude thoughts send a message to the subconscious that you are happy when you get stuff. Make a daily habit of thoughts of gratitude. The law of attraction will kick in and your subconscious, like a guided missile, will begin searching for more things for you to be grateful for. More income, more possessions, fewer expenses and more money.

The subconscious only receives emotionalized thoughts from our conscious mind. Emotions are the key to opening the door to the subconscious.In order for the thought of gratitude to register with the subconscious you need to get yourself into a state of happiness. I created something I call the Dailey 5. Every day I find 5 things to be grateful for. Immediately prior to vocalizing the 5 things I am grateful for, I think of something that happened in my life that made me incredibly happy. I let that happiness thought seep in for about 30 seconds and then I vocalize the 5 things I am grateful for.

Don’t question or doubt the workings of the subconscious. That part of the brain is still little understood. One day we will learn more about the subconscious and it won’t be so mysterious. For now just know this: emotionalized thoughts of any kind somehow get into the subconscious and act like computer virus, directing our subconscious to do whatever the emotionalized thought tells it to do. I’m jealous so give me more things to be jealous of. I’m grateful so give me more things to be grateful for. The formula is really very simple: Gratitude = More Stuff, Envy = Less Stuff.

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  1. Missy Homemaker says:

    Excellent post! I constantly work to instill and attitude of gratitude in my children. I tell them, when you’re grateful for what you have, you open yourself up to accept more!

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