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Finding your calling enables you to marshall your thoughts and actions, bringing into sharp focus what you must do.

When you find your calling in life, clarity replaces uncertainty.

For those fortunate few, finding their calling in life is a pivotal, defining moment.

Very few ever find their calling in life.

Almost always, finding your calling in life involves the discovery of one of two things:

  1. Some innate, God-given talent or
  2. A passion that makes your heart sing.

But how do you find your calling in life when you are undecided about the course of your life or your future?


You must experiment with diverse activities, one after the other, until you find one that reveals some innate talent or stirs some intense passion that permeates deep into your bones.

Only through experimentation will your calling in life be revealed.

When you find your calling, enthusiasm visits you with the morning sun.

Work becomes play.

Days become hours, hours become minutes and minutes become seconds.

When the day ends, you become excited for tomorrow.

Find your calling and you will find the stage upon which you will spend the rest of your life, happy and fulfilled.

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