Poverty Has Many Tentacles


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When we think of poverty, invariably we think of money. But poverty of money is an effect for which there are many causes:

  • Poverty of Knowledge
  • Poverty of Awareness
  • Poverty of Compassion
  • Poverty of Habits
  • Poverty of Work Ethic
  • Poverty of Goals
  • Poverty of Dreams
  • Poverty of Vision
  • Poverty of Charity
  • Poverty of Generosity
  • Poverty of Relationships
  • Poverty of Kindness
  • Poverty of Willpower
  • Poverty of Discipline
  • Poverty of Skills
  • Poverty of Curiosity
  • Poverty of Hope
  • Poverty of Vocabulary
  • Poverty of Health
  • Poverty of Courage
  • Poverty of Wisdom
  • Poverty of Truth
  • Poverty of Good
  • Poverty of Humility

The goal should not be the pursuit of wealth. The greater goal should be the elimination of poverty in all its forms. Poverty has many tentacles, all of which lead to one place – Financial Poverty.


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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    This post offers a fascinating paradigm shift!

  2. Julia Osorio says:

    Another GREAT gem for me. I’ve saved this post! You’re doing an exceptional & outstanding job Tom. Thank you kindly.

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