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Back in 2005, one of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study made a comment that I wrote down so I would never forget it:

Relationships are the currency of the wealthy.

The millionaire was doing his best to explain to me the importance of Rich Relationships in creating success and its corresponding wealth.

Rich Relationships are relationships you forge with other successful or success-minded individuals. The value of these Rich Relationships is that they are door openers – they open doors and short-cut the success process.

Just one Rich Relationship can reduce the amount of time it takes for you to realize a dream or some big goal, from years, to as long as it takes to dial a phone number.

The problem is, forging Rich Relationships is not easy. It requires an investment of your time.

You must invest time finding individuals who can open doors and move mountains. And then, once you find them, you must invest time in growing and maintaining each Rich Relationship.

Where Do You Find Rich Relationships?

According to my research, one of the most abundant places to find Rich Relationships is in local, community-based non-profits. Most of the individuals who run these non-profits are either board members or individuals who work on the various committees of these non-profits.

How Do You Grow Rich Relationships? 

Networking, Hello Calls, Happy Birthday Calls, Life Event Calls.

  • Networking – You grow Rich Relationships by staying in constant contact with them. You network with them by joining a non-profit you truly believe in and work with the members in fundraising activities and the various events the non-profit employs for purposes of giving back to the community or the beneficiaries of their cause.
  • Hello Calls, Happy Birthday Calls, Life Event Calls – Click on here to learn more about Hello Calls, Happy Birthday Calls and Life Event Calls.

Rich Relationships open doors that are otherwise closed. They introduce you to other Rich Relationships who can instantly turn a dream into a reality.

Of all of the Rich Habits, forging Rich Relationships is perhaps the most important and hardest thing to do. It’s not easy finding Rich Relationships and it’s not easy growing and maintaining them. It requires an investment in your time. But that investment will eventually help you in your quest to become successful.

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