53% of Unhappiness is Self-Inflicted


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All seek happiness. Happiness is the ultimate goal in life.

But for the majority, happiness is elusive.


Because of unhappiness.

Unhappiness is far more prevalent than happiness and it throws a wrench into living a happy life.

There are certain things in life that create unhappiness:

  1. Stress
  2. Toxic Relationships
  3. Boring, Unsatisfying Work
  4. Being Ignored or Taken for Granted
  5. Inactivity
  6. Negative Beliefs
  7. Personal Physical Illness
  8. Illness of a Close Family Member
  9. Illness of a Close Friend
  10. Death of a Close Family Member
  11. Death of a Close Friend
  12. Anxiety and Worry
  13. Sadness
  14. Depression
  15. Unhappy Family
  16. Unhappy Friends
  17. Hate
  18. Anger
  19. Unmet Expectations
  20. Debt
  21. Inability to Pay Bills
  22. Poverty
  23. Marital Problems
  24. Divorce
  25. Mistakes
  26. Failure
  27. Catastrophes Wrought by Nature (Hurricane’s, Earthquakes, etc.)
  28. Economic Recessions or Depressions
  29. Job Loss
  30. Loss of Income

When you look at this list, how many are completely within your control?

Stress, Toxic Relationships, Boring, Unsatisfying Work, Negative Beliefs, Being Ignored or Taken for Granted, Distractions, Anxiety and Worry, Sadness, Hate, Anger, Debt, Inability to Pay Bills, Poverty, Mistakes and Failure.

If you do the math, that’s 53%.

53% of unhappiness is self-inflicted.

We are our own worst enemies.

Control what you can control and you will eliminate 53% of the unhappiness in your life.

Something to think about.

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