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I’m not a big fan of affirmations but there is one affirmation I use every day and it’s this:

Never Criticize, Condemn or Complain

Each one of these Poor Habits drags you down, creating a negative mindset.

You want to avoid them like the plague.

They have the opposite effect of a magnet – pushing people away from you.

You want to be a magnet for people, not a deflector beam that pushes people away from you.

Those who constantly criticize, condemn and complain are negative, toxic people who must be avoided at all costs. They will drag you down with their negativity.

Plus, because they are constantly offending others, if you are associated with these toxic people, you too will be labeled as toxic and that will negatively affect your ability to build relationships with others.

Toxic people spread their negativity like a virus throughout their social network. And they are very easy to identify because they – Criticize, Condemn and Complain.

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  1. Tom, thanks for sharing. I had read you never want to affirm something in the negative. Your subconscious mind will overlook the “never” and focus on criticize, condemn, complain. You might try something like this instead,
    “I praise, pardon and please everyone I see.”

    My experience with affirmations is you have to stick with them like an investment. The benefit from it will begin to compound over time.

  2. Hi Tom,
    Eversince I saw you in youtube and read your books, I always look forward to all your blogs and just about anything you do. It’s soooo inspiring to know that people like you cares, me and my son are a massive fan. Thanks Tom.

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