Everyone Wants to be on Top of the Mountain But Few Are Willing to Make the Climb


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When things don’t go as planned, most people quit the struggle and move on to greener (meaning – easier) pastures.

And the world is filled with quitters.

Without pursuing success, life is a struggle. Even for the vast majority who are content with just coasting along, life is still filled with problems. Most people want to minimize their problems. They don’t want to add more problems to their lives.

That’s why self-made millionaires are so rare.

According to my Rich Habits research, only 3% who pursue a dream, stick with it until they succeed. At some point, 97% quit.

Here’s why. The pursuit of a dream, big goal or major initiative means – more problems. More obstacles to overcome. More pitfalls to crawl out of. More conflict. More stress. More emotional heartache, especially when things don’t go as planned. And when you’re pursuing a dream, big goal or major initiative, nothing ever goes as planned.

The pursuit of success is all about facing problems. And realizing success is all about solving those problems you face along the journey.

Not surprisingly, most avoid pursuing their dreams. They look at the mountain they must climb and say to themselves – “too many problems”.

For the courageous few who throw caution to the wind and take action on their dreams, their life becomes a seemingly never ending battle to overcome problems.

There’s just no sugar coating it – the pursuit of success is an uphill climb that requires many years of problem solving.

But, for the 3% who refuse to quit on their dreams, success is inevitable. Those 3% learn an enormous amount during their journey as a result of solving problems.

Plus, when you persist, eventually you get lucky. Luck favors the persistent. That unexpected luck, like a ski-lift, carries you effortlessly up the rest of the mountain.

The key, therefore, is to persist until luck finds you.

When you get to the top of your mountain, the first thing you will notice is that there are not that many people. That’s because all of the people are at the bottom of the mountain looking up at you.

Everyone want to be on top of the mountain. It’s just, not that many people are willing to climb it.

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  1. Barrett Haywood says:

    This is a great article. Sometimes you just need some candid words to sum up what’s really happening in the mind of a person going for success. Thanks Tom!

  2. Hi Tom
    This Post and the words are shouting to me right now. I have taken steps to better my life by shortening my commute ever since I made that decision the stars aligned and I got a car. After I got the car my full-time job laid me off, then I still have a job but it’s part time and it was supposed to be Christmas crazy season with Overtime hours, didn’t happen ended up having to leave work early due to No work. So my pay was drastically reduced and my recent check I am missing Overtime pay so I couldn’the register my car and pay the insurance. It has been one obstacle after another and I am mentally and physically exhausted that I tried to change my life in trying to take my time back and it is met with stumbling blocks.
    No wonder it’s lonely at the top because the struggle is Real and debilitating. Thank you for your Amazing Insight because it is needed especially since my year started off very rocky and it’s not even my fault.
    But I will be proactive and fight and find other streams of income so I will never be dependent on a job for my living.

  3. Thanks for this Tom! Perfectly spoken and it definitely makes you want to work harder towards the other 3% who did just that.


    Timely. I just decided to quit real estate investing. The market is dried up with screaming deals.

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