Self-Awareness is a Superpower


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The unaware are all around you.

The person who walks through a door, oblivious that you are right behind them, letting the door slam in your face.

The driver who cuts you off on the highway.

Or the overweight person, eating junk food, watching TV, oblivious to the fact that they are destroying their health.

It’s not selfishness that drives these people. It’s not even an entitlement or elite mindset.

It’s a lack of self-awareness.

The fact is, most people lack self-awareness. They are completely unaware of what is going on internally – their thoughts, emotions and behavior. They are also unaware of what is going on externally – their environment.

There are plenty of studies that support this. There are even videos of people completely unaware of their external environment. Here’s one I like called the bear on the porch.

Self-awareness, however, is a real superpower for the few who possess it.

Self-awareness allows you to recognize your own thoughts, emotions and behavior. Self-awareness also allows you to see what is going on all around you in your environment. Self-awareness enables you to pivot in order to avoid obstacles, pitfalls, mistakes and toxic people who get in the way of your success.

Self-made millionaires make a daily habit of developing this Self-Awareness Superpower Habit. And it’s one of the reasons they become self-made millionaires.

Self-awareness helps you do many things:

  • Self-awareness enables you to see your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you to focus on what you are good at and find others who are happy to do what you are bad at.
  • Self-awareness enables you to identify your good and bad habits. This helps you to identify habits that help you succeed and eliminate habits that get in the way of success.
  • Self-awareness enables you to identify toxic people. This helps you to avoid being used, abused or dragged into other peoples troubled lives. Toxic people are like potholes along your path to success. They make the journey bumpy and difficult.
  • Self-awareness enables you to see dangers, obstacles and pitfalls that are oblivious to others. This saves you time, money and emotional anguish.
  • Self-awareness enables you to identify the lessons found in mistakes. This helps you grow and improve.
  • Self-awareness enables you to step into the shoes of others and see what they see. This helps you empathize with others. This also helps you when you are negotiating with others.

Self-awareness is a Superpower Rich Habit that is critical to success. Without it, success is virtually impossible.

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