You Don’t Need Motivation to Succeed in Life


Tom Corley boats - cropMotivation is a short-term burst of activity that can lead to incredible breakthroughs, incredible performance and incredible productivity.

When motivated, you can work many more hours in a day than the average person. When motivated, you can create a prodigious amount in a short period of time. When motivated, you can push yourself to perform at very high levels.

But, motivation is fleeting. It is hard to sustain.

Those who rely on internal or external motivation do not get very far in life. Eventually, they all lose their motivation. And when that happens, they then burn through their willpower reserves. When they run out of willpower, activity, progress and performance declines significantly or may even cease.

This is why habits are so fundamental to long-term success.

Habits do not rely on temporary bouts of motivation. Habits do not rely on willpower.

Habits, by their very definition, are unconscious behaviors that a person engages in every day, whether or not they feel like it or want to.

Rich Habit #6 – Everything in Moderation.

This is a seemingly short, simple and innocuous little Rich Habit.

Except that it’s not.

Moderation means to moderate everything in your life: How much you work every day. How much you eat every day. How much you drink every day. How much you exercise every day. How much you read every day. How much you (fill in the blank).

Moderating your activities enables you to engage in those activities, every day, every week, every year, for your entire life.

Moderation is all about consistent activity. Those who forge this Rich Habit are able to engage in daily activities that, over time, lead to incredible success.

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