The Law of Cause and Effect


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You can call it karma, the law of attraction or, what I prefer to call it – the Law of Cause and Effect.

When you devote your life to helping others succeed, life rewards you. It rains riches down upon you.

Take Mother Teresa, for example. She devoted her life in service for the poor. Through her Missionaries of Charity, which began in India, she created branches in 50 Indian cities and 30 other countries. Her selflessness was so admired that she even received a Nobel Peace Prize.

But, I’ll bet you didn’t know this about Mother Teresa. Her Missionaries of Charity organization received hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to help her carry out her mission. Her selflessness became a money magnet.

I’m no Mother Teresa. But, since 2009 I have been sharing my Rich Habits study findings to millions of people around the world through my Rich Habits website. I literally dump all of my research onto my website, which is free to everyone. Over five million people have read one of my articles on my website.

For those who do not subscribe to my website, I’ve written several self-published books in an effort to get my research out there. Over the years, I’ve invested close to $70,000 in these self-published books and, until recently (2013), they did not generate any significant royalties.

But, in 2013, the law of cause and effect brought my research and my books to the attention of tens of millions of people in the U.S. and Canada, thanks to my Dave Ramsey and CBS interviews. Since then, I’ve sold close to 100,000 books, signed a big publishing deal with the 6th largest publisher in the world (China South Publishing and Media Group) as well as a number of other foreign publishers in South Korea, Vietnam and Australia. Soon, my books will be in many bookstores around the world.

The money, however, is not the reward.

The reward is the people, whose lives I’ve improved.

One woman, who was struggling financially, emailed to thank me for saving the life of her daughter. For six months, she followed my Save 10% of Your Income Rich Habit and was able to sock away $800 during that time period. Then her daughter got brain cancer. In her country, she had to pay a specialist $600 up front before the doctor would treat her daughter. Thanks to her saving $800, she had the money. Her daughter recovered and is now healthy.

I think about that email almost every day, especially when my life is beating over the head with problems.

Another individual emailed to tell me that before he read one of my books, he was unhappy, unemployed and at the end of his rope. He was contemplating suicide. After reading my book, he pulled himself together, eventually secured a decent paying job and even started a side business (Multiple Streams of Income Rich Habit), which was now providing him with a very good living.

I have thousands of email examples from individuals around the world, whose lives improved in some way from my writing/research. For me, these emails justify all of the cost, time and effort I’ve put into my blog, my books, my media interviews and my speaking engagements.

I do what I do because I truly believe we are put here on earth to help each other thrive. And I also believe that when you devote yourself to helping others, the Law of Cause and Effect rewards you in many ways, financially and otherwise.

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  1. Lovely write up, very inspirational for a new writer to read! Good things comes to those who persevere.

  2. Very inspiring for a Monday morning. Thank you!

  3. Maria Rossoto says:

    Great message, thank you! That is the very core of it – to serve. It just feels good 🙂

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