How to Walk and Talk So Millionaires Take Notice


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It is a fact that how you present yourself to others impacts their perception of you.

If that perception is a negative one, it’s like you’re slamming the door in your own face.

Millionaires don’t want to do business with those they perceive in a negative light.

As I discovered in my study of self-made millionaires, becoming rich and successful often requires the assistance of people who have already become rich and successful. And in dealing with them, there are certain road rules, which I cover in my bestselling book Rich Kids. Here are a few of those road rules:

  • Never Curse – Cursing is a habit that is forged over many years. You don’t want this habit to become an impediment when you run into a millionaire. Millionaires don’t take you seriously if you curse. And, worse, cursing makes you sound stupid or ignorant.
  • Don’t Gossip or Badmouth Others – Millionaires will hand those they trust the keys to their kingdom. Badmouthing and other forms of gossip telegraphs to millionaires you are disloyal and cannot be trusted.
  • Always Tell the Truth – Lying is one of those scarlet letter habits that follow you around via your reputation. Millionaires won’t do business or help anyone who has a reputation for lying. They avoid  anyone that cannot be trusted.
  • Etiquette Matters – Etiquette is a business card we all carry around our necks. It tells people you are a person of character, manners and good social skills. Poor etiquette tells people you lack social skills and millionaires will distance themselves from those who they think might embarrass them is a social setting.
  • Names Are Important – Everyone, even millionaires, perk up when they hear their name. Since you might not know who is or isn’t a millionaire, it’s important to forge this Rich Habit whenever you meet someone new. They will be impressed that you remembered their name, the next time you meet them.
  • Avoid Slang – Ain’t and Irregardless might be words according to Webster’s Dictionary, but to millionaires they advertise your lack of command over the English language. Always use proper English in social settings and avoid slang. You never know who might be listening.
  • Never Interrupt – Interrupting others is a bad habit that can catch up to you. Especially if you interrupt the wrong person, like a millionaire. It’s offensive to interrupt someone while they are talking. You don’t want to offend millionaires who could open closed doors for you.
  • Eye to Eye – According to my research, self-made millionaires forged the habit of looking others in the eyes for only a few seconds at a time. I was told by my millionaires that staring into someone’s eyes for too long is intimidating. Worse, was not looking into their eyes at all. It shows a lack of confidence and self-assurance. So, moderate your eye to eye contact but don’t ignore it.
  • Follow-Up – If you make a promise, follow-up. Following-up says you respect the other person. If that person turns out to be a millionaire who can help you, following-up tells that millionaire you are a person of integrity and someone who is true to their word. It’s a Trust Habit that attracts others to you.
  • Go the Extra Mile – When you forge the habit of exceeding the expectations of other, you set yourself apart from everyone else. Millionaires notice those who are willing to go the extra mile.
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  1. Carnell Tate says:

    Thank you again for writing and sharing this!

  2. This is great advice. I just left a civic meeting of the people who are the behind the scenes leaders of our city. I presented a study I had been assigned by the group some months ago to the billionaire who was chairing the meeting and the assorted millionaires sitting around the table. As a millionaire among other millionaires I made eye contact but didn’t stare, I was polite, gave credit to others who had assisted me and presented a product that went well beyond the minimum required. The only downside is I solidly reinforced my reputation as the worker bee in the group and will likely get a lot more unpaid work assignments!

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