Becoming Rich – It All Starts With a Thought

Anyone and everyone can become wealthy in America. There is no shortage of money, only a shortage of right thinking. Most of us in America were raised in poor or lower middle-class households. 30% were raised in poor households and 30% were raised in lower middle-class households. That’s 60%. This 60% inherit Poverty Habits from their parents and one of the Poverty Habits they inherit is Poverty Thinking. “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “rich people are greedy”, “eat your food, there are people starving in the world”.

Rich people don’t think like that. The rich believe there is an unlimited supply of money and everything in the world. They believe wealth is good and that the rich are good, industrious, hard working people. Their thoughts are different from everyone else’s.

Only 5% in America become financially well-off and of that 5% only a sliver become rich. Rich, according to my study, means you possess two things: An income of $160,000 a year and net liquid assets of $3.2 million.

The idea that the rich inherit their money is a myth. They don’t. But those who do break out of the squalor of poverty do inherit something far more valuable from their parents: Rich Habits. One of the Rich Habits they inherit is Rich Thinking. They believe they will be rich. It starts with one thought, one belief.

How the wealthy think

I spent five years studying the daily habits of the rich and the poor. I’d like to share with you some of the differences in the ways the rich and the poor think:

  • 79% of the rich believe they are the cause of their financial status in life. 82% of the poor disagree.
  • 90% of the rich believe being gifted intellectually is irrelevant to creating wealth. 87% of the poor disagree.
  • 90% of the poor believe in fate. 90% of the rich do not.
  • 13% of the rich inherited money. 90% of the poor believe the rich are rich because they inherited their money.
  • 79% of the poor believe wealth is the byproduct of random luck. 92% of the rich believe you create your own luck.

Poverty Thinkings is inherited. Your parents instilled this thinking in you unintentionally. They simply did not know better. Fortunately, we now know better. The examples of those who broke out of poverty are many. I suggest you read up on some of those who climbed out of the abyss of poverty. Here is a link to some of those stories:

If you want to become wealthy it begins with changing your thoughts and your beliefs. You need to believe you can become wealthy. It all starts with one thought.

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