A Closed Mind Invites Poverty


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In 2004 Mark Zuckerberg invited 5 people to his Harvard dorm room to discuss a business opportunity. Only two people showed up.

Today, those two people are worth billions:

  • Dustin Moskovitz – $16.1 billion
  • Eduardo Saverin – $10.3 billion

Nothing is more costly than a closed mind.

Closed-mind thinking shuts the door to opportunity. What causes a closed mind?

  • IDEOLOGY – Unwavering beliefs that have locked in your thinking. Most of these beliefs are inherited from your upbringing. Sometimes, the are adopted from the thinking of influencers or significant others. Ideology, when it goes unchallenged, acts like a wall, blocking out any challenges to your thinking.
  • IGNORANCE – When you lack knowledge, you are unable to see opportunities when they present themselves.
  • OVERACTIVE EGO –  Having an overactive ego means you think you are always right. This closes your mind to new information, new ideas and new facts that could be critical to your success.
  • LOW SELF-ESTEEM – When you have low self-esteem, you undervalue your own thoughts, ideas and personal power. Low self-esteem is like a self-manufactured braking system that stops you in your tracks, preventing you from moving forward.
  • HATRED – Hatred is one of those costly negative emotions that consumes your thinking and your actions. When you hate someone, you ignore what they have to say. When you hate something, you dismiss it. In both cases, you lose. You lose because hatred has closed your mind.

The self-made millionaires in my study developed the daily habit of keeping an open mind. Those with an open mind are thirsty for new information, new ideas and new facts. As a result, they are constantly growing in knowledge and wisdom. This new knowledge and wisdom opens their eyes to opportunities to make more money.

Those with a closed mind struggle with poverty because opportunities to make more money are invisible to them and pass them by.

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