The Power of Emotions


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Emotions are like steroids with respect to the brain.

Our strongest, longest-lasting memories are always emotion-based. Loss of a parent, loss of a child, illness, major wins, major losses, getting that first “A”, running your first marathon, speaking in front of a group for the first time, writing your first of many books, etc.

Whenever emotion is involved in forming a memory, the number of neurons called into action is 10 times that of a non-emotional memory. Plus, with an emotional memory, the memory is not isolated to one part of the brain (the cortex), like all other memories. The emotional memory is linked to two parts of the brain: the cortex and the limbic system.

Emotions are also very powerful when it comes to habits. In fact, Emotional Habits are the most powerful type of habit any person can forge.

Emotional Habits, like emotion-based memories, are forged as a result of some powerful emotion.

Let me give you some real-life examples.

One person I know runs almost every day. They’ve been running every day for more than thirty-five years. As a result, this person is very lean, very healthy and in top physical condition. Why did this person forge this particular habit?

One of their parents was obese and struggled with Type II Diabetes most of their adult lives. This person loved their Mom and watched her health deteriorate until she died of Diabetes-related causes.

One of my childhood friends never had a drink of alcohol. This wasn’t easy, as most of our mutual friends began experimenting with alcohol in our teens. But not this one friend.

One day I asked him why he didn’t drink. He said his father, who had recently passed away, had been an alcoholic.

Emotional life events can become a catalyst in forging habits that elevate us and dramatically improve our lives. They can also be a catalyst for forging habits that drag us down into the abyss, creating a life of misery.

Life has a way of pulling the rug out from underneath us. Oftentimes, these are emotional events that stick with us forever. How we react to that rug being pulled out, shapes the life we lead.

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