The Sign Above the Door to Success Reads: ADVERSITY


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Adversity is painful. It pushes you, challenges you, tests you.

No one likes going through adversity. In fact, it stops most people in their tracks. That’s one of the reasons why there are so few successful people. Most quit as soon as they realize the path to success is through adversity.

Your true potential, however, is only revealed through adversity. Adversity forces you to a higher level – higher level of focus, higher level of knowledge, higher level of skill.

Through adversity you acquire willpower, patience, street smarts, knowledge, foresight, insight, intuition, resilience, attention to detail and mental toughness.

Adversity also exposes your innate talents. Talents you never knew you had.

Adversity toughens you up. It makes you better.

Adversity is the progenitor of growth. Without adversity you will never grow into the person you need to be in order to be a success.

Don’t run away from adversity. Run to it. Embrace it. Adversity is you friend, not your foe. It is the beacon that shines a light on the correct path – the path towards success.

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  1. Thomas, how are you? I follow your tips everyday. I´m from Brasil. Congrats and thanks for your job. Tell me, is the rule to deal with adversity the same to deal with conflict? You know what I mean, when you avoid having to deal with conflicts. All the best!

    • Yes. Conflicts, or disagreements as to process, are critical to success. You cannot succeed and avoid conflicts, because healthy conflict leads to learning. Where this gets a little foggy is if you’re dealing with a habitually toxic person. Toxic people create conflict wherever they go. You want to avoid toxic people. The conflicts they create are intended to be disruptive and negative and don’t add value. Toxic people have many common traits, besides being habitually argumentative:Toxic Traits –

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