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Success requires focus. This focus comes in many forms. Focus on dreams. Focus on goals. Focus on building relationships that help you move ahead. Focus on minimizing expenses.

But there is one area of focus that I believe is the big differentiator between those who ultimately break through and become successful and those who don’t – Purposeful Improvement.

Purposeful Improvement is self-improvement that is intensely focused on one field for long periods of time. This self-improvement is specific, intentional and requires daily discipline.

The overall objective is to gain an expertise, or niche, that puts you in the upper echelons, making you a virtuoso in that field.

It takes many years to gain this niche knowledge or niche skill-set.

In my study, it took, on average, twelve years for that particular sub-set of self-made millionaires to break through and realize success.

Purposeful Improvement requires that you develop the following daily habits:

  • Purposeful Reading – Limiting your reading to books/articles that expand your knowledge in a specific field.
  • Purposeful Practice – Practicing specific techniques in various ways in an effort to master that technique.
  • Purposeful Study of Facts – Limiting your study to facts that are specific to a topic and focusing on that topic until every fact about it is known.

Purposeful Imprvovement equips you to handle just about anything that can possibly come your way in a field or niche. It forces you to a higher level of expertise. As a result, the world is willing to pay you more money for your knowledge or expertise.

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  1. Stella Carrier says:

    This is actually helpful advice and I intend to make my way to an employment center tomorrow to help me wisely and carefully decide between 2 career paths that I am looking into as I accept my destiny and reality of working and being employed until the age of 78 if spiritually speaking I am allowed to live that long (as I am intuitively and logically aware that many times when a person dies is predestined).

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