Wealth is Attracted to Perpetual Motion


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In my five-year study of the self-made millionaires and those who struggled financially, I noticed the self-made millionaires seemed to be in perpetual motion.

  • They were managing multiple streams of income.
  • They were engaged in self-improvement activities intended to help them improve their knowledge and their skills.
  • They were voracious readers, seeking wisdom between the pages of books.
  • They were meeting and networking with success-minded people, hoping to learn something or pick up new ideas that would help them become more efficient or more effective in making money.
  • They were listening to podcasts that interviewed successful people and successful entrepreneurs.
  • They were attending seminars or speaking engagements, hoping to learn something or meet someone who could help move them forward in life.

The self-made entrepreneurs in my study were leveraging all of their available time engaged in extracurricular activities that helped them to grow in knowledge, improve their skills and to forge relationships with the right people – other success-minded individuals.

Conversely, those who struggled financially, seemed to be frittering away their non-work time, watching TV, consuming Facebook ad nauseam, reading for entertainment or generally making non-productive use of their free time.

Inertia was a common thread among the poor in my study.

Perpetual motion was a common thread of the self-made rich I studied.

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