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Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve – Napoleon Hill

The Law of Attraction first gained world-wide recognition thanks in large part to Napoleon Hill’s 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. Hill advanced the revolutionary concept that the starting point of all success was your thinking.

With the 2006 release of the blockbuster book The Secret , Author Rhonda Byrne took Hill’s idea to a much higher level. All you had to do was create a clear vision of exactly what you wanted and that simple act would set the universe in motion to attract to you all that you desire.

This was welcome news to 19 million readers who purchased The Secret. To those readers, The Secret removed the albatross of risk, obstacles and hard work. For the first time, a self-help book offered success without all the effort.

While the Law of Attraction has helped millions focus on changing their beliefs, which is a good thing, it does nothing to change your financial circumstances in life. It is simply impossible to think your way to success. Success is a process. The starting point of that process is thinking. The real meat to success is Action.

The Law of Perpetual Action requires that you take certain consistent action every day that will help move you toward the realization of your dreams and goals. Clearly defined daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, annual goals and long-term goals create the framework for identifying the action you must take in order to realize success.

This is why habits are critical to success.

With habits, you engage in daily activities, whether you want to or not. Habits put the powerful Law of Perpetual Action to work for you on a daily basis. Habits don’t require motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm, or to have your brain vibrating at a particular frequency.

Habits, built around your goals, put you on autopilot for achieving your goals. The more goals you achieve, the closer and closer you get to success.

That is the superpower of Habits – Automating Success.

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