Here’s Why So Many Give Up On Their Goals


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Setting, pursuing and achieving goals is a common habit of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study. No epiphany there. But what should be an epiphany to everyone, is how self-made millionaires set goals, which, I learned, is very different from how most people go about setting and pursuing goals.

One of the reasons self-made millionaires become rich, is they know something about goal-setting that isn’t taught in schools. And this knowledge enables them to achieve 100% of their goals, every time, all the time.

Unfortunately, most people who set goals, grow frustrated or beaten down and eventually give up on their goals. That’s too bad because if they had just a little bit more knowledge, they could achieve every single goal they pursued. So, what are ordinary people getting wrong about goals? Why do so many quit on their goals?

Your Goals Are Not Tied to Your Dreams

Your goals must be an integral part of your dreams – those lofty wishes that, together, produce your ideal future life. There is, however, a process, which I define as Dream-Setting. Essentially, Dream-Setting involves a two-step process:

  1. Creating a 500 – 1,500 word script of your ideal life.
  2. Identifying the dreams, embedded within your script.

Goals built around the dreams defined by the blueprint of your ideal life, help you to gain clarity and produce passion, which is the next problem with goal-setting.

Your Goals Lack Passion

Goals are your construction crew, meaning they are your workforce, meaning goals are hard work. If you lack passion, you must rely on motivation and willpower. Motivation and willpower have short lives. They only last a few hours and constantly need to be recharged. This ebb and flow can stifle goal achievement. However, if your goals are built around dreams, those dreams will infuse you with passion and passion is tied to the emotional part of your brain (Limbic System), creating emotional energy that is virtually limitless. To learn more about emotional energy read my book, Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.

Your Goals Lack Habits

Ideally, you want to create daily goal habits that make goal achievement automatic. When you create habits around your goals, you don’t need to rely on passion, you don’t need to rely on motivation and you don’t need to rely on willpower. You will engage in those daily goal habits because habits are unconscious habitual behaviors that, once forged, force you to engage in that behavior, no matter your emotional or mental state.

Your Goals Lack Physical Activity

A goal is only a goal if it includes physical activity – action. Without physical activity, a goal is only a wish. And wishes don’t come true until you convert them to goals.

Your Goals Are Not Achievable

If you lack the knowledge or skill-set to perform the actions required of goals, you will not be able to achieve that goal until you acquire that knowledge or those skills.  Acquiring that knowledge or skills can take many years.


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  1. In the book Millionaire Next Door where two guys study millionaires in the USA they found that the vast majority of millionaires did NOT inherit any money. It is a common myth that rich people inherited their money. I guess non-rich people use this as an excuse for their own small net worth.

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