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I have a challenge for you; a little thought experiment to highlight the omnipresence of habits in your life.

For one day, call it Day One, I’d like you to abandon the use of just one word or phrase that is unique to you; one that you use every day. Then, on Day Two,  I’d like you to try to replace it with a substitute and document your success on a small notepad or piece of paper.

For example, I use the phrase “No Worries” almost every day in my conversations with others. I substituted the phrase “Can Do”, which I attempted to use in conversation on Day Two.

In my little thought experiment, on Day One, I documented the use of the phrase, “No Worries”, nine times. One Day Two I attempted to use the substitute phrase, “Can Do”, and failed four times.

Habits infect every aspect of your life. They reside in the words you use, your thinking, your emotions and your behaviors. We only recognize their omnipresence through awareness. And, only through awareness, can old habits be replaced with new habits.

For those of you who take me up on my thought experiment, email me the results (tom@richhabits.net).

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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    Brilliant exercise! I am beginning today.

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