Readers Are Wealthier and Make More Money Than Non-Readers


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The wealthy are nine times more likely to read than the poor based on my Rich Habits data.

Eighty-eight percent of the wealthy in my study read 30 minutes or more every day for self-improvement/learning. Only 2% of the poor read 30 minutes or more each day for self-improvement.

According to a 2013 Report by the Pew Research Center report, about 4% of the poor become wealthy.

Based on my research, there is a direct correlation between reading for self-improvement and becoming wealthy. So, the poor who forge the habit of reading for self-improvement, are the ones who will most likely wind up in that 4% group.

According to another 2016 Pew Research report, the affluent are twice as likely as the poor to read books. So, if you’re poor and you want to become affluent, start reading books.

But books are only one way of acquiring knowledge. Thanks to the Internet, there is a treasure trove of valuable information for those interested acquiring knowledge. The Newspaper Works 2015 Quarterly Report found that those who regularly read digital information, earned 34% more than those who do not.

There are plenty of examples or poor people who climbed their way out of poverty by forging the reading habit: Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Ben Carson.

Dr. Ben Carson’s story is particularly relevant because he is living testament to the power of reading. Carson was raised by a single mother in the ghettos of Detroit. Concerned that their sons, Ben and Curtis, were taking the wrong path in life, Sonya Carson made a fateful decision that altered all of their lives forever. Sonya Carson, a single mother with a third grade education, turned the T.V. off for her kids, limiting them to only two hours of T.V. a week and forced her two young boys to read two books every week and then write a summary of what they read and what they learned from their reading. Each week they would hand their mom this summary for her to review. Sonya would mark up the summary with notations and hand the summary back to her boys. Reading for learning, soon became a daily habit for Ben and Curtis.

Ben Carson went on to become a world famous neurosurgeon, ran for President in 2016 and now heads the Housing and Urban Development federal agency. Curtis Carson went on to become a highly successful senior mechanical engineer with Honeywell, specializing in developing braking systems for aircraft.

If you’re poor and you don’t read to learn every day, you are missing out on a foolproof path out of poverty. Get on that path today. Forge a daily reading habit. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.

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  1. Great insight Tom, I would like to add another 2 cents of mine to what you have said and that is, books are the cheapest way to wealth.

    It’s not the only way but one of the cheapest way to become wealthy.

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    Than Non-Readerѕ – Rich Habits Institute <Loved it!

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