Your Thoughts Alter Every Cell in Your Body


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There are thousands of receptors on each cell in the body. This includes the cells in every organ, including your brain. Each receptor is specific to one peptide (protein).

Anger, sadness, guilt, excitement, happiness, nervousness, each separate emotion you express, releases its own specific neuropeptide inside each cell.

The more you habitually express an emotion, the more receptors your cells will create for that emotion.

If you forge the habit of being upbeat, for example, you are literally causing your cells to manufacture more neuro-receptors in order to meet the demand for the positivity-induced neuropeptides your habitual optimism creates. This means, you are building a cellular foundation for more future optimism – or a positive mental outlook.

The same holds true for habitual negative thinking. The more negative thoughts you allow yourself to have, the more neuro-receptors your cells will create, perpetuating a negative mental outlook.

The good news is that every two months 100% of the cells in your body are replaced by new cells. This means you can physically change the cellular framework from negative to positive in just two months, by making positivity a habit for two months.

Thoughts do become things. Be careful of those thoughts. The wrong ones, negative thoughts, will alter the physical properties of your cells, creating a domino effect that will perpetuate that negativity.

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