The Ripple Effect


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In the mid-2000’s, Australian researchers Megan Oaten and Ken Cheng conducted a study on a group of people. For two months this group hit the gym three times a week for weight training and cardio.

Employing a well-known visual tracking test, which measures your ability to focus and concentrate, they tested the group of participants’ willpower before and after the two-month exercise program.

The results?

The participants increased their ability to focus and concentrate after engaging in the two-month exercise regimen.

But, surprisingly, the two-month exercise program revealed some other unexpected and surprising results. There was a massive decrease in bad behavior and a massive increase in good behavior, post exercise regimen:

  • Cigarette smokers went from 14 cigarettes a day to just 3.
  • Healthy eating habits increased.
  • Junk food consumption went down.
  • Impulse spending decreased.
  • Overspending declined.
  • Participants devoted more time to their friends.
  • TV consumption went down.
  • Missing or being late for appointments decreased in frequency.
  • Procrastination was reduced.
  • Daily household chores surged.

In short, like throwing a pebble in the water, the act of establishing just one good keystone habit (exercise) triggered a Ripple Effect which gave birth to other good behaviors (habits).

Keystone Habits are infectious habits that act like catalysts, giving birth to other related habits.

This is why it is so important to forge good habits – good habits lead to more good habits. This is also why it is so important to eliminate bad habits – bad habits lead to more bad habits.

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