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Genius, by definition, is the possession of exceptional intelligence, creativity and curiosity.

Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs all possessed these traits in abundance and all three changed the world in which we live.

In fact, these qualities, this genius, is what separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Genius is also what separates exceptional human beings from ordinary human beings. And that’s too bad because all human beings are born with these genius traits hardwired into their DNA. We are all inherently intelligent, creative and curious, thanks to our genes. We just have to know how to turn up our genius.

Research shows that intelligence, creativity and curiosity dramatically increases in the presence of positive emotions and decreases just as dramatically in the presence of negativity. Positivity, through a process called methylation, turns on certain genes that increase intelligence, creativity and curiosity. Studies also show that negativity, through a process called demethylation, turns off those same genius genes.

Positivity lights the fuse and negativity snuffs it out.

Intelligence, creativity and curiosity push us to learn, solve problems and explore. These traits, when put to use, make us feel happy and alive.

Happy, upbeat people are able to tap into their inner genius and are more productive than unhappy, negative people. Positive people are the beneficiaries of those flashes of genius that are commonly associated with creative genius-types.

So, if you want to turn up your inner genius, get positive. Positivity lights the fuse to inner genius; a genius innate to every human being.

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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    I totally love this message…and it encourages me to be even more positive that positivity is positively the way to go!

  2. After reading this I would want to be in a positive state of mind forever.

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