Success is All About Mastering the Basics


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One of the common themes I unearthed in my five year Rich Habits Study was that the vast majority of the successful, wealthy, self-made millionaires in my study master the basics.

They master the basics by disciplining themselves in three areas: fundamentals, needs and moderation.


Those who become expert in what they do, perfect the fundamentals. They consistently practice the fundamentals until those fundamentals become so ingrained in them they can perform them in their sleep.


  • Value Spending – Those who accumulate enormous amounts of wealth spend their money on things that are important to them – their needs: A home in a safe neighborhood, a good education, well-made cars, etc.
  • Avoid Want Spending, Save and Invest – They delay gratification by eschewing want spending for value spending, save the excess and then invest that excess. They engage in want spending only after they have accumulated enough wealth, enabling them to spend the earnings from their wealth on things they want.


They are masters at moderation. They moderate everything about their life.

  • They Moderate Their Emotions – They are even tempered. They don’t become overly excited or excessively melancholy. This enables them to build strong, powerful relationships with others. People like doing business with them because they feel comfortable around them. They feel comfortable around them because they are consistent in their emotions – no wild emotional swings which only tends to make people feel uncomfortable.
  • They Moderate Their Behavior – They don’t overeat, drink in excess, spend money in excess, or engage in activities, in excess. They don’t waste their time. They don’t spend hours every day watching TV, reading Facebook, reading books of fiction or engaging in activities that are unproductive.
  • They Moderate Their Thinking – They shoot for the moon but are grounded in reality. They understand that life is a marathon, not a sprint. They manage their expectations about life. They expect adversity, obstacles, problems and are therefore mentally prepared to deal with them.
  • They Moderate Their Work-Life – They make the time to spend with family and friends. This enables them to maintain and grow the relationships that matter to them.

If you want to succeed in life you must master the basics.

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